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Homage to a cook

Have you guys ever realized how important a cook's habiities are in a canteen? What happens when suddenly a good cook is replaced by a bad one? I have had the chance to observe the process first hand in my own canteen. Till about three weeks ago, we had a good cook. Maybe she didn't prepare fanciful meals, but they were more than edible. I actually liked to sometimes just eat there as it saved me the effort of cooking myself and I knew that, no matter the day, I would find something I would like waiting for me.
Now, three weeks ago, for some unknown reason, the cook was changed. For about the first week, everyone was still going on as normal, except for the comments on the food: "this is burned", "this is cold", "this doesn't taste as it should", and so on. Sadly I wasn't able to observe people's reaction the second week, as I was involved in a course and, since meals were paid, I just ate in the canteen before most people even came. Now, this week started with one of the waitresses commenting that the week before the money they get from meals had gone down noticeably. She said it was because of the course, but, having actually eaten there for a week, I didn't really share her opinion. So, I set out to observe and wasn't really surprised to see that the number of people who bought their meals in the canteen had been reduced significantly. Before, at two o'clock, there was always someone buying their meal there. Now you could easily wait 20 minutes before anyone had the courage to approach the place where the food is displayed. If I had doubts about what I was seeing, I only needed to look at the table I was sitting in. Usually, the number of people who buy their meals in the canteen is clearly higher than the people who bring their food from home. This whole week this hasn't been true, as most people have preferred to just bring their food, since they know it will be edible.
A second, unexpected, effect is that sandwiches have suddenly become very poplular (after all there are not many ways in which you can mess up making a sandwich... although my breakfast tasted funny this morning). The problem is that, if before this week you had to wait about 15 minutes before you had your sandwich, now you have to wait about half an hour... if you're lucky.
It will be amusing to see what will happen next week. Will people start to really complain? Will they get used to the food? Or will we be lucky enough to have our own cook back. Well, until there is a change, I will certainly keep bringing my own food. No sense in wasting money if you don't even get to enjoy a good paella.
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